NineBar Skate started with a crazy idea. What if Lethbridge had an indoor skate park? 

In less than a month smack in the middle of Covid, our family had created a non-profit foundation, backed by the support of Boarderline Skate Shop, Topless Pizza Skate Shop, and Canada Skateboard.

In addition, we had brought to life a skateboard apparel company, designed always to be a source of income for the non-profit foundation.


At NineBar we dream big, reaching for community wellness and the Olympics all at the same time. 

Hard Work. Excellence. Togetherness. Generosity. 

These 4 things are what ranch families do well.  They are also what our youth need to succeed in their future. That's why these are our values as a company.


By tapping into these Albertan ranch values we can be culture shifters and dream achievers here in our city.

Skate Culture. Ranch Roots.


And, funniest part of the story, the founders don't really skateboard. Well, they do now. Their kids started skateboarding during Covid, like most kids in Alberta. And now they're in the thick of skateboard culture for good. 

But their roots? Rural. The original 9- Ranch, with a history of farming and ranching in Alberta for over 100 years. Hence the cow on the skateboard. An unconventional beginning.

Good story, right? :)

Our Story